Why You Should Become a BetterTester for CrossOver

Why You Should Become a BetterTester for CrossOver

Aug 20, 2022·

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No great software was created without great testers.

In my previous post, I introduced CrossOver, a revolutionary software that allowed Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS users to run Windows applications natively on your main OS!


Insane, right? Well, this isn't some dark magic, despite what you may believe - it's just plain old programming.


But the problem with plain old programming is that it's hard to get it perfect - especially when you're experimenting with revolutionary technologies like CrossOver is.

Bugs, errors, and problems are commonplace with complex software - but it's hard for programmers to find bugs when they're busy trying to write more code.

That's where BetterTesters come in.

BetterTesters are regular old Beta Testers, except they're guaranteed to be contributing to software that's going to change the way we think about OS emulation.

Although there's many reasons to become a BetterTester, I've compiled a short list below of the most important ones, in my opinion.


Reasons to become a BetterTester

1. You can earn awesome swag

CodeWeavers has a gamified XP and levels system that allows BetterTesters to earn swag for completing various tasks, such as entering reports and submitting new applications. It takes 1000XP to level up. Each time you level up, you earn 10 SwagBuckaroos, the currency used to purchase swag from the swag store. In case you're wondering, shipping is free.

Upon reaching 5000XP (level 5), you can unlock the full version of CrossOver for FREE



2. You have access to a special BetterTester forum and a BetterTester Discord channel.

If you become a BetterTester, you're automatically granted access to special BetterTester-only sections in the CrossOver forums, and after DM'ing LaXDragon on CrossOver's Discord server, you can receive access to an exclusive BetterTester channel!

3. You get to be a part of CrossOver's development journey.

Although the swag and forums are cool, the fundamental purpose for being a BetterTester is to simply help make CrossOver better for everyone! The warm fuzzy feeling you get for simply being helpful and kind can sometimes trump swag.

Well, what are you waiting for? Become a BetterTester today!

  1. Navigate to this page on the CodeWeavers website

  2. Read the information on the page

  3. Once you understand everything, find the Sign Up form to become a BetterTester (you must be logged in to fill out this form!)

  4. Start your journey as a BetterTester!

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